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A unique product that strengthens and repairs your natural nail from the inside. What this means is that the product actually sinks into your natural nail and hardens in the gaps between your nail plates to add strength by creating an integrated polymer network without any damage to your natural nail. The more you have this treatment the stronger your natural nails become. A great way for those who aren’t allowed to wear polish at work but want to grow their natural nails as this product can not be seen on the surface.

Art Pro Nail

Have you ever wanted perfect nail art with symmetry and beautiful patterns but haven’t had the time to sit for hours on end? Or maybe there is a dress you want your nails to match or even a photo you would love to see on your nails? Well now all this can be achieved. This revolutionary service actually prints onto your own nails in seconds giving you perfect art work every time, it even has a built in camera so you could take a selfie and print it onto your nails. This is one of only two printers in the whole of the South West.

Current working days, locations and hours

Monday:  Heidi’s in Castle Cary 9am – 7pm

Tuesday: Heidi’s in Castle Cary 9am – 7pm

Wednesday: Heidi’s in Castle Cary 9am – 2:30pm

Thursday: Bridgwater mobile/home 9am – 2:30pm

Friday: Heidi’s in Castle Cary 9am – 6pm

Saturday: Bridgwater mobile 9am – 12pm

Sunday: Bridgwater mobile 9am – 12pm

Evening appointments are available daily at my home in Bridgwater areas between 8:15pm and 11pm.

Appointments outside of these hours can be available by mutual agreement.